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1985 – 1988  My first gigging and paying band! Put together with friends with similar musical tastes, The Generics got its name from our first "Name-the-Band Bash" at Queen Alex Hall in February, 1985. It featured Roland Paradis (guitar, vocals), Frank Nobert (guitar/keys,vocals), Danny Dobrowolski (drums, vocals), Shane Radies (bass, vocals), Rob Hardy (saxophone), and for a time Don Shultz (guitar/keys, vocals). A later lineup included Rick Feist on  drums. The Generics played at many hall parties and other functions during its four year mission, exploring the world of classic rock.
The Generics
1983 – 1984  A teenage band formed with two other St. Mary's kids, My Generation was a high school/first year University band  specializing in old hits by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Police, Jack Green and whomever else we fancied at the time. It featured Chris Dobrowolski (guitar, vocals), Frank Nobert (bass, vocals), Danny Dobrowolski (drums, vocals), and for a time Dale James (guitar, vocals). Following a relatively big gig at Edmonton's SportEx during K-Days, My Generation went on to play numerous house parties before disbanding in early 1984. 
My Generation
1986 – 1987  Without doubt, the strangest band name I have ever worked under, the Bins were a fresh young University student band specializing in music just a little off the beaten path, It featured Paul Oss (guitar, vocals), Frank Nobert (guitar/keys,vocals), Rick Feist (drums, vocals), Rob Hardy (saxophone), Joel Bourret (bass) and  later Malcolm (bass, vocals). The Bins played at the Fringe in its early days as well as a great party in St. Joe's basement hall. The band name was an evolution from "Band of Gods" to "Ban O Sog" to "Bed of Sin" and finally "Bins of Ed" when hooligans rearranged the band's name written in duct tape on the door of their practice room at Studio City.
The Bins of Ed
The Blue Collar Band
1989 – 1992  Our big foray into Country and Country-Rock music, the Blue Collar Band was formed the same year I first entered the teaching profession. Gord Kuhl, a local bass player from Stony Plain, was looking for bandmates to carry on the legacy of the BCB, an outfit that had played for a few years. Three of the generics joined forces with Gord and became a great-sounding and prolific band in its own right specializing in country music in its various forms. It featured Roland Paradis (guitar, vocals), Frank Nobert (guitar/keys,vocals), Danny Dobrowolski (drums, vocals), and Gord Kuhl (bass, vocals).  The Blue Collar Band played at many hall parties, rodeos and other functions during its four years as a working band.

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