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Trevor Mullen
Garry Keiller
Ulf Johanssen
Don Marcotte
Bruce Armstrong
Bob Webster
Murray Schneider


 2014 – 2017  A multi-talented musician from Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Trevor has played both drums (2014) and bass guitar (2016-17) for M*A*R*S. He also plays in local bands Homegrown and One Nite Stan, and you will also find him at many local music events, such as Wang Dang Doodle Wednesdays at the Leaf. One of Trevor's most memorable moments was playing drums with Pete Best at the Red Knight in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. 
 2013 – 2016  A guitarist extraordinaire, Garry was an important part of the formative years of M*A*RS, playing his collection of rare and vintage electrics and acoustics as well as keyboards. A very talented and virtuoso player, Garry also studies and plays sitar in his spare time. You will find Garry at many local musical showcases, including the Winspear.
 2013 – 2014  One of the founding members and long-time friend of the band, Ulf is well-known for his Rickenbacker bass and friendly smile. A big fan of his mentor, the Swedish chef, he's the guy that introduced Frank to Charan, Sean and Garry that fateful day in June 2015. He loves spending much of his time on his houseboat in Kelowna. 
 2016 – 2017...  Don is an amazing bass player and long-time friend of the band. He subbed in for Trevor at Casino Yellowhead in the summer of 2016 and is a frequent guest bass player when Jeff can't make it. In addition to many high profile gigs around town, Don was a regular with his upright doghouse bass at JR's Thursday Night Jam for many years.
 2014  A long time friend of the band and frequent guest musician at JR's Thursday Night Jam and others around town, Bob is schooled in the golden age of rock 'n' roll. He is also well known for his band Dark Rooster and infectious sense of humour. Bob subbed in for Eric at Duane's 50th birthday party at the Stoney Lake Rodeo Grounds.
 2016  A drummer with both the Todd James Band and the Silver Hammers, Bruce "Derhammer" is a great drummer and just a great all-around guy. He subbed for Sean at the Atkins Annual BarBQ in Spruce Grove in the summer of 2016.
 2016  Murray, known for his expertise at fixing anything related to keyboards, from B3's to Fender Rhodes to any synth you can think of, is a fantastic keyboard and harp player himself and sought after for his musical ear and his amazing chops. He is a gentleman and well known on the Edmonton scene. He subbed for Frank at the Chinese New Year's gig in February of 2016.

Some of the Great Musicians I have played with

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